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covers 14 cupcakes, a one layer cake, and the faces of two little boys, with a few nibbles for Mom....

6 T GFCF margarine
3 cups (corn free) confectioners sugar (Thank you Miss Robbens)
several spoonfuls of Toffuti "Sour Cream"
pinch of salt
1/4 tsp of orange oil (you could use GFCF orange extract to taste) or 1 tsp GFCF Vanilla

Beat the margarine in heavy mixer until fluffy, while running add in the "sour cream" and then the confectioners sugar and salt. Beat in the flavoring.

You can turn this into chocolate by adding one square of melted chocolate or make mocha by adding some very strong coffee to the chocolate.


This Recipe is from :
The King Arthur 200th Anniversary Cookbook with a few twists for fun.... by our Carol T