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Gluten Free / Casein Free Recipes

There is a great resource out there for parents of children on the GFCF diet, I am new to this and everyone has been wonderful about helping me by sending in all kinds of recipes. (a special thanks to Beth who has been collecting them for some time)

I decided to put them all up here so other parents who are new to the diet could have a central location to browse. Some of these recipes were taken and modified a bit from cookbooks, you can find a list of good books and ordering links on the GFCF diet website.

Another resource for information regarding the "autistic diet" is found at, Dr.'s Cade and Privette from the UF have several cookbook recommendations as well.

If you have any recipes or information that you think should be added please don't hesitate to Email me

Thanks again to the GFCFkids onelist,