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white cream sauce (2 cups)

4 Tbsp of gf/cf marg.
4 Tbsp of corn starch
2 cups of milk sub. (I use soy milk)

Melt marg. in a medium sauce pan over med. heat. Stir in corn starch and mix until blended.--(I mix the corn starch in the pan off the burner) Add milk sub. and continue to heat over med. heat constantly stirring until sauce begins to thicken. It will thicken up quickly. Remove from burner and season to taste, add anything gf/cf you want. I make creamed peas, creamed beef, cheese sauce using cheese sub.(I think the soy taste is too much, but my son will eat it over gf/cf noodles), tuna and noodles, etc. Again, soy milk gives the sauce a real sweet taste. I dilute the milk a little or use Alsoy which taste better.

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